music ministry

The Music Ministry at First Baptist Church seeks to honor the Creator of Music through use of our voices and instruments. We strive to give God the glory the best way that we are able. 

Our worship music is of a more traditional flavor. However, we look for fresh ways to sing hymns, and choruses are sometimes added. Worship is carefully and prayfully planned as we work to make worship creative, thoughtful, and meaningful. 

sanctuary choir

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sanctuary Choir has ceased to meet because the act of singing spreads the disease at a much higher rate. It is even worse than coughing or sneezing. We value our choral program but value the health and welfare of our choir members and congregation even more. When it is safe to once again sing, we will resume all regularly scheduled choral activities once again. In the meantime, we are using soloists and small groups (instrumental and vocal) to bring music into our worship services. Most of our vocal soloists use a special singer’s mask that is designed to contain the majority of the virus particles while giving the singer room to breathe and move their

mouth. We pray that this horrible virus will leave us soon when we can once again, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”

Choir Practice: Every Wednesday at 7:30pm

The Sanctuary Choir sings music for our worship services from many different music styles, but we concentrate on traditional music. Occasionally the choir will take opportunities to sing beyond the walls of the church. This group is a very caring group who takes their responsibility as worship leaders very seriously; however, they love to have fun…especially in rehearsals! It is a non-auditioned group of singers.

handbell ringers


All our handbell choirs have temporarily ceased ringing due to the virus. When the virus numbers improve and we can have more than 10 people in our sanctuary at one time, we will bring back our adult ringers, called First Ringers Handbell Choir. Handbell tables are spaced throughout the sanctuary

at a safe distance from each other and we are playing music where bells are not shared with one another. After the virus is over, we will return to our normal schedules with both adult and youth handbells ringing once again!

Tuesdays >>> 5:30-6:15pm (September-May only)

This choir is a group of experienced adult ringers.  They play often for our worship services.  Membership to this group is by invitation only.

children's choir program

Our normal children’s choir program has been temporarily cancelled due to the virus. However, we have an ongoing Preschool Zoom Choir. 

Each Monday we will meet at 6:30 PM with Beth Heffner on Zoom. This is for ages 3-5 and you don’t need to be a member of our church to participate! We have so much fun with a great curriculum that shows the music and activity songs on videos. A free tub full of games, activity pages, snacks and gifts for the entire term will be given to you to be picked up at the church. 

If you are interested in participating, please email Beth at: