We recognize the adolescent years are full of changes and transitions.  We seek to meet teenagers where they are, no matter who they are and help guide them into a life of serving God and others.  We also recognize youth ministry isn't just about the teenagers, but about the entire family unit.  We want to walk alongside parents and guardians to support them however we can to build up their homes.

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Click here for a copy of our Sunday/Wednesday night schedule for September-December.

MINISTRY schedule


9:45am >>> Sunday School

4:15pm >>> Handbells

5:00pm >>> Youth Choir

6:00pm >>>Youth Outreach (ILLUMINATE)

               >>> No Sunday night activities from May-August


6:30-7:15pm >>> Youth Bible Study (DIVE)

                         >>>Summer Schedule 6:00-7:00pm

                         >>>Check the summer schedule above when it applies

youth handbells & choir


Handbells (Sundays, 4:15pm) 

For those who are not yet music readers, our leader Alison Moore offers instruction to get them started! Through this unique form of worship, you’ll get to know a new side of God through this awesome avenue of music.

Youth Choir (Sundays, 5:00pm)

Every Sunday, some of our students (who love breaking into song at any possible moment) gather together for some organized, worshipful sing-a-long with our Minister of Music, Beth. As their angelic voices echo down the hallways and inspire the leaping of kittens and unicorns, the rest of us (the ones who are less likely to break into random song publicly) anticipate the amazingness of seeing this choir perform!

This happens in special Sunday morning services, at the youth choir festival, AND it happens in a phenomenal and worshipful annual MUSICAL And have I mentioned that the musical also involves a little drama added in?

In all seriousness, we make space for any youth — no questions asked.  

The director of this choir, Beth, offers a special deal for any interested youth: A free half hour voice lesson for any student who attends a youth choir rehearsal. Beth is a professionally trained vocalist and has been teaching voice as an extension of her ministry. Please see Beth if you are interested in this offer.

If you have a passion for joining in a time of worship through song, you are welcome in this youth choir. You don’t even have to know how to read music. You just need to be willing to work and have a laugh along the way!