We recognize the adolescent years are full of changes and transitions.  We seek to meet teenagers where they are, no matter who they are and help guide them into a life of serving God and others.  We also recognize youth ministry isn't just about the teenagers, but about the entire family unit.  We want to walk alongside parents and guardians to support them however we can to build up their homes.

Text 'fbryouth' to 95577 for announcements & updates


sunday school & illuminate

*Sunday School:
Beginning on September 12th, the youth will begin meeting for Sunday School in the youth basement (SS begins at 9:45am). This class will be led by Dale Heffner and Rebecca Marsh.

*ILLUMINATE (Youth Bible Study):
Also beginning on September 12th, we will begin having youth Bible study in the youth basement from 3:00-4:00pm. We start off with a fun activity, and then lead into a time where we mix up small group discussion and lessons.

Our Bible study series for the fall is entitled,
"God Said What? Oh, No He Didn’t!"
During this series, we’ll be looking at passages that we hear used all the time, but many times they're used out of context. The goal of this series is to ask questions like, "Who wrote these verses? When were they written? What did they mean BACK THEN?” Then, after considering all of this—we’ll look at how it applies NOW