sunday school

First Baptist Church offers several different Sunday morning Bible Study classes for adults. For class descriptions, see below.  

class descriptions


The Outreach Class consists of adult couples and singles, mostly in the forties, fifties and sixties. Lessons are topical with strong emphasis on what Scripture teaches. Questions and discussion are encouraged and are frequent, seeking to find personal application of Spiritual truths. 


The Logos Class consists of adult couples and singles. The format is conversational, with a mix of life application and Bible study. There is a common desire to learn in an open atmosphere. 

Faithful Workers

Faithful Workers is a women’s class of all ages dedicated to studying Scripture and its impact on daily living. Questions and contributions from class members are welcome and integral. 


The Fellowship Class consists of singles and couples in their mid fifties and northward. Open discussion of Scripture, personal observation and experiences, laughter and fun are evident each week. 


The Pioneer Class is comprised of men middle age and above. The class uses the International Sunday School outline as a teaching guide to expand and enhance Biblical understanding. Through team teaching and active group discussions, class members share personal insights and ideas in weekly Bible Study. 

Truth Seekers

The Truth Seekers class is comprised of couples and singles in a wide age range. The class is committed to Bible study, prayer and missions. Lessons are presented with a focus on self examination and life application. Group discussion is encouraged. 


This is a senior adult class (men and women).  Scripture presentation is lecture and instructional, with emphasis on class participation. There is a mix of Bible study and daily living application. 


Connections is a class for single and married adults.  Open discussion and participation characterize the class.