Women's roofers

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The Women Roofers grew out of a First Baptist Sunday school project in 2002. The coed class volunteered to help repair a roof for Rutherford Housing Partnership as part of the community Week of Caring, but only the women showed up. The bug had bit, however, so by spring, when the roof was scheduled to be replaced, a team of women showed up to do the work.

Under the skilled leadership of First Baptist member Billy Honeycutt, the group repaired 67 roofs in its first 10 years and eventually attracted the attention of national media mesmerized by a group of middle-aged women doing such ambitious volunteer work. The CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, and People magazine have all featured the group, which is still anchored by members of First Baptist Church as both laborers and supporters.

To learn more and to join, visit the website for the Rutherford Housing Partnership